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Opening hours

Saturday & sunday 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Maximum capacity: 20 people

Fee: 5€ per Person (from 18 years)

We offer guided tours for groups during the week.

For more information and application please contact Deborah Krieg:

Anne Frank Educational Center

Center for Political Education and Counseling

Everyone knows Anne Frank – but few people know that she and her family originated from Frankfurt, Germany. Today, the Anne Frank Educational Center is located in Frankfurt, in the neighbourhood where Anne grew up at a young age.

The Anne Frank Educational Center offers political education and counseling, located in the cities Frankfurt and Kassel. We empower young people and adults to actively participate in an open and democratic society. Using innovative concepts and methods, we sensitize young people and adults to deal with and stand strong against anti-Semitism, racism and various forms of discrimination. In our approach we lean heavily on Anne Frank’s biography and the humanist message of her world-famous diary. The Center has also marked the beginning of two counseling centers located in the Anne Frank Educational Center: response supports victims of right-wing and racist violence, whereas the ADiBe network provides advice to people who have experienced various kinds of discrimination.

In our political education we reflect current discourses and conflicts. In June 2018 we reopened the Anne Frank exhibition as a learning lab under the motto "Anne Frank. More Tomorrow”. We want this place to be interactive with debate and dispute. Here we introduce young people to the life and work of Anne Frank. Here they learn to raise questions pertaining to the past and to the present. The learning lab takes young people's perspectives on discrimination seriously and enables them to acquire knowledge and understanding of the past in various forms: They learn about utopia, conflict, resistance. In addition to this new learning lab "Anne Frank. More Tomorrow." we have on tour since 2014 the mobile learning lab “You are right – you have rights!”

In 2014 the Anne Frank Education Center launched the first nationwide creative competition for youth and young adults, thanks to the generous support by William Blair & Company. The first competition was entitled: ANNE FRANK TODAY. Participants were called to artistically examine Anne Frank's fate, her diary and the question of whether young people today are still inspired by her. Since then, the art competition has been held each year with a changing topical focus. In this exhibition you will find a selection of the winners of the years 2014-2018.


Bildungsstätte Anne Frank e.V.
Hansaallee 150
D - 60320 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069 / 56 000 20
Fax.: 069 / 56 000 250

How to find us

With public transport:

  • From the Central Railway Station take the U4 or U5 (direction Seckbacher Landstraße / Preungesheim) for one stop until you reach Willy-Brandt-Platz. Alternatively, take any of the S-Bahn lines to the stop Hauptwache.
  • Then change to the U1, U2, U3 or U8 (direction Ginnheim, Gonzenheim, Hohemark or Riedberg) and get off at the stop Dornbusch.
  • Follow the tracks back in the direction you came from and in a few meters you will see a pedestrian crossing. Turn right over the tracks.
  • Turn right on Escherheimer Landstraße and follow the tracks back in the direction the train was travelling in. Then turn left on to Pfadfinderweg.
  • Continue straight on until you see the glass side of our building on the left-hand side. There you will find the entrance to the exhibition. You will find our bell to the left of the door.


With a car:

  • Take the A5 motorway until you reach the Nordwestkreuz exit. Continue in the direction “Miquelallee”.
  • In a few kilometres, take the exit “Escherheim, Ginnheim, Bundesbank”
  • Continue in the direction  “Bundesbank”.
  • Turn right at the traffic lights (Platenstraße) and stay in the left lane.
  • After about 100 metres turn left on to Hansallee.
  • Then after about 30 metres, take the first right on to Grünhof and park on the left.
  • Enter the courtyard and continue straight towards the glass doors. Our bell is to the left of the door.
  • The entrance to the exhibition is via Pfadfinderweg.